Chocolate Fountains For Weddings In MD, DC, VA

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Looking to fill the awkward time while you and your new spouse are having your photos taken and the guests are anxiously awaiting your arrival at the reception?
The chocolate fountain will keep your guests entertained, and afford you the luxury of knowing they are happy while you capture the memories of your perfect day.

Breakfast wedding?

How about a gourmet coffee and Belgian waffle bar complete with chocolate-dipped biscotti and warm melted chocolate to smother the waffles?

Looking for the perfect dessert bar to accompany your wedding cake?

Pile up the strawberries, pineapple, apple, oranges, caramels, marshmallows, cookies, biscotti, brownies,  pretzels, and many other delectable treats and let the dipping fun begin! We also offer a sprinkle bar and exotic flavorings.

Seeking an alternative to a traditional wedding cake but don't want to lose the photo op?

We offer decorative skewers for you and your new spouse to feed each other chocolate-laden goodies instead!

Dying for a tasty centerpiece?

The chocolate fountain is an elegant centerpiece that complements any decor.  Even those who don't eat the chocolate (sure, like THAT would happen) will enjoy its beauty and mouth-watering aroma.
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